Thursday, August 1, 2013

Breast Trendy: In Honor of Breastfeeding Week

It's amazing how many offers I've seen this week in honor of Breastfeeding Week. When I was slinging my girls the old udder it was still much a taboo, even in 2008! Luckily as more and more people are advocating this very natural way of rearing children, there have been some awesome Mommy & Baby friendly items that are popping up on the market. For me (now 33 weeks pregnant) I am really looking forward to trying some of these items out.

The wonderful folks over at are actually holding a great promotion right now if your in the market for a baby sling. In honor BF Week, if you use their coupon code BFWEEK13 you will receive a free baby sling (however it does not cover S&H). I ordered "The Captain" sling for my little guy. Altogether with the shipping and handling, minus the exchange insurance, it was only $11.90 with tax included. The normal price for these stylish slings are normally $39 to $49 bucks counting on which sling or set you choose.

If you also go to their sister sites you can use the same promo code to get a free nursing cover, carrier covers, and nursing pillows.

Another item in the process of ordering is from NyUrbanAccessories on Etsy. The shop owner has created a really awesome line of infinity scarfs that are also nursing covers and can be worn long or in the normal wrap around fashion, both which still cover the ladies when confronted with nosy onlookers giving you the stink eye. At $25.00 a piece, these fashionable scarfs are made of lightweight material so they won't smother your little one or cause you to sweat your brains out.
I know some of you veteran Mom's don't you miss those old school covers that were like wearing a fleece blanket during an August heat wave.

I am so excited now for my little guy to get here and knowing I'm well prepared.

If you know any expecting or new Mom's out there, please share the promotion listed above. Trust me, they'll love you for it.

And as always, I want to know what you guys think about Breastfeeding Week? Have there been any promotions or products that you've found and loved? Let me know!

Until next posting, XoXo